What are Eatease containers made of?

All Eatease containers are made of two main materials: Platinum Silicone and Polypropylene.

Why platinum silicone?

Platinum Silicone is a food-safe, petroleum free, and non-toxic rubber that contains no harmful chemical fillers or byproducts capable of leaching. It is a durable material that will never fade or scratch and its additional lightweight and flexible capabilities made it perfect for our collapsible design.

Why polypropylene?

Polypropylene (PP) is a food-safe BPA Free plastic that contains no harmful chemicals capable of leaching. It has a high heat tolerance, making it microwave safe. PP can come in both rigid and flexible forms, which made it the perfect choice for our modular design and leakproof lids.

Why are Eatease containers better for your health?

Traditional plastic containers can be made with BPAs and highly toxic chemicals that have been linked to multiple health related issues. Eatease containers are made from platinum silicone and polypropylene, making it free of BPAs, lead, phthalates and PVC.

Why are Eatease containers better for the environment?

Eatease containers are made from durable materials capable of lasting thousands of cycles through every day use. In efforts to reduce waste from plastic containers and bags, cellophane, and aluminum foil, Eatease containers are 100% sustainable.

Are containers recyclable?

Yes, Eatease containers can be recycled at special silicone recyclers and we have a relationship with one of the best. By contacting us at info@goeatease.com, we will send you a shipping label and box for your container free of charge – no questions asked.


Are containers microwave safe?

Yes, containers are microwave safe and the recommended maximum heat tolerance is 180 F (82 C).

Are containers freezer safe?

Yes, containers are made of materials that are safe for fridge and freezer use.

Are containers dishwasher safe?

Yes, containers are designed for dishwasher safe cleaning. Compartments and lids are top and bottom rack safe.

Are containers leak-proof?

Yes, our snap on lids create an airtight seal to each compartment, keeping your foods and liquids secure and fresh.

Will containers stain?

No, containers are stain resistant and odorless.


When will website pre-orders be shipped?

ATTENTION: Due to the global impact COVID-19 is having on both small & large businesses, pre-order shipments are anticipated to begin Summer 2020. We apologize for the inconvenience and delay. 

Where do you ship?

Eatease is fulfilling pre-order shipments globally. Our current fulfillment center is operated out of the United States, which means international shipping rates will apply. Eatease is planning to open its first international fulfillment center in Europe, with subsequent operations opening in strategic locations in order to meet demand more timely and economically.

What is your return policy?

Please see our return policy here.


Is Eatease interested in partnering with me?

YES! YES! YES! If you are a retailer, non-profit, blogger, influencer or anyone interested in teaming up with Eatease, please contact us at info@goeatease.com. We would love to hear from you.