The Spark

As a child and teenager, Stephen was overweight, and in sports and school he was victimized because of it. That negative experience motivated him to pursue a healthier lifestyle, but as he got older, it become more difficult to maintain. Stephen spent 15 years working in a New York office, bringing all his meals with him to work. In order to keep a balanced diet and healthy eating habits, he set aside a few hours a week to go grocery shopping and meal prep. Stephen was packing two meals a day in order to keep up with the hunger that took hold during the 12 hours he spent at the office. Every day he brought a combination of chicken, steak, fish, rice, salad, vegetables, fruit and a little something to satisfy his sweet tooth.

The Solution

Stephen has designed the first fully functional food container. The concept features three compartmentalized cup volumes that uniquely attach and detach through a patent pending modular system. This concept offers consumers a solution to on-the-go food consumption by allowing them to creatively combine perfect portions for balancing nutrition. When finished, the container collapses and conveniently stows away in any bag, cabinet or drawer. Eatease containers are made from sustainable material and built to last.

Enjoy the Container Re-imagined

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